About me

I’m an economist by training, a Christian and libertarian by conviction, and a blogger by choice.  Over the years I have worked in journalism, business, academia and, most recently, as a self-dad_old_rag_summit_4_uploademployed software developer.  I am currently retired — albeit, still open for business if the project looks interesting enough — and have been living in Greencastle, Pennsylvania, since July 2013.

What I like to do most is express my opinion.  And since I have a lot of interests, I have a lot of opinions on a lot of subjects.  Some of those opinions I will share with you here.

My hobbies and recreational activities take place almost entirely outdoors, and I especially enjoy bicycling, running and hiking — and, living here in the Cumberland Valley, I have plenty of opportunities to indulge in all three.

About this site

This site was built and is maintained with WordPress, the free, open-source blogging tool.  Although WordPress has had a few issues recently (like a vulnerability that allowed hijackers to use someone’s blog to send out spam or launch DDOS attacks), there is, in my opinion, no better content-management software available.   When I started this blog back in 2010, I borrowed a theme someone else had written and modified it to suit my purposes.  (A theme in WordPress is like a skin in other applications — it gives a site its “look and feel”. )  Unfortunately, the theme I was using did not display well on handheld devices such as smart phones, so I recently gave the site an overhaul.  In case you’re interested, the new theme is a child theme of the Twenty Fourteen theme WordPress distributed as its default in 2014.

About comments

I love a good argument, so comments are welcome. But please be civil: no profanity or racial slurs (unless the context requires them, say, to illustrate a point), no ad hominem arguments and no personal attacks.

When commenting, you will be asked to supply your name and a valid email address.  Both are required.  For your name, you may use a pseudonym, if you wish.  I don’t like the practice — it encourages incivility in discourse — but I understand that people have bosses and neighbors and that they may want to remain anonymous in this intolerant age.

The first comment you submit to this site will be held for moderation and will not appear immediately. I do this to protect the site from spam. Once you have had one comment approved, subsequent comments will be published immediately.

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